Advanced Level Guide

1. Fill the gaps.

Choose one or two words to fill each gap.

The older I get, the (1)_____ I enjoy a sleep after lunch.

I (2)_____ stand loud noises early in the morning!


John lives (3)_____ door to us.

He (4)______ lived here for 6 years.

He's (5)_____ dinner with us (6)_____ Friday.


That's the woman I went to college (7)_____.

If I (8)_____ met her, I (9)_____ never have learned to speak Russian.


I look forward (10)_____ from you.


2.Answer the questions.

11 What is a civil servant?

12 What does, "I've put my foot in it!" mean?

13 What is the difference between "He shouldn't have done that." and "He wouldn't have done that."

14 What is the difference between looking something up and looking something over?

15 What is the difference between "We stopped to chat," and "We stopped chatting."


Check your answers