The 100 Winner of the second

Earlyworks Press Open Poetry Competition is...

 Meeting With Moon Men


Anne Ayres

The winning poem will take first place in an anthology 'Digitally Organic' which is to be published on the 15th January.   The contributing authors, listed below, will be receiving their advance copies shortly.  

Simon Wood

Kirstin Smith

Margaret Eddershaw

Catherine Edmunds

Sylvia Oldroyd

R J Hansford

Bridget Joseph

Alison Craig

Oz Hardwick

Roger Hansford

Camille Osborne

Gwen Seabourne

Anne Morgan

John Feakins

 Andria J Cooke  

The anthology also includes works by the winner and runners up from the WordArt 2006 poetry competition. They are: 

Nigel Humphreys, Pat Jackson, Andria J Cooke, Mary Charman-Smith, Gilly Jones



             Digitally Organic - Front Cover

 6.50 + 1 towards p&p to UK

Price to Writers and Reviewers Club members 5.50 + 1  towards p&p

Contributing authors can buy additional copies for 4.50 + 1 p&p - please email Kay for details.


For general readers, Digitally Organic is on sale here

Digitally Organic

An Earlyworks Press

Poetry Anthology


ISBN 978-0-9553429-6-7


In this collection, ideas about how we relate to animals, to landscape and to each other, and some wonderfully observed portraits of the natural world, are set against the sometimes extraordinary efforts of human beings to live within the complex, technological world we have made for ourselves.


The writers are the winners of the 2006 WordArt Poetry Competition, the second Earlyworks Press Open Poetry Competition, and a selection from the Earlyworks Press Writers and Reviewers Club workshop.









Digitally Organic - Cover Art Detail

Cover Art 2006 Catherine Edmunds