Intermediate Level Guide

1. Fill the gaps.

Choose one or two words to fill each gap.

(1)_____ I make some coffee?

Okay, but we haven't got (2)_____ milk.

Never (3)_____, I like black coffee.


I (4)_____ smoke, but I've given up now.

When did you stop?

Oh, I haven't (5)_____ a cigarette (6)_____ six months.


(7)_____ you talked to David recently?

Who's David?

He's the man (8)_____ usually sits over there.


As soon (9)_____ I saw you, I knew we (10)_____ met before.


2. Answer the questions.


11 When do you say, "Nice to see you."?

12 When do you say, "Nice to meet you."?

13 What's the difference between "She's lonely." and "she's alone."?

14 What does "urgent" mean?

15 What's the difference between, "I'd like to go swimming," and "I  like going swimming."?








Check your answers.