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Learning English

For Students

The editors of Earlyworks Press are qualified English Language teachers with experience in creative writing, fluency workshops, business English and teacher-training. If English is not your native language, or if you wish to develop your language skills, you are just one email away from a friendly tutor who has plenty of help to offer.

Exam Preparation

If you are going to sit an exam, you sometimes need more than course-books and classroom time. Email Earlyworks Press, and we can arrange for a regular exchange of emails or letters offering support, advice and personally chosen preparation exercises.  Our tutors have designed and taught Cambridge, Pitman and IELTS exam courses, and have many years experience of the tasks you face.  contact us.

Earlyworks Press Essay Primer

Having problems getting started?  Know the facts, but can't organize them onto paper?  Not sure what is expected of you?  Send us a draft essay, up to 2000 words.  Tell us the question/title you were working on, and your level of study (eg A level, undergraduate etc), and send a brief letter telling us about your course, your study experience, your needs - whatever you would like to discuss. For 20, we will send you a personalized study skills primer, suggesting what you need to do to get those higher grades.

English Language Tutors

If English is not your first language and you need help with coursework, essays, formal letters, or other texts in English, contact us and tell us about your needs.

Note to ESOL students

If you have recently arrived in the UK and are having difficulty with the language, it is wise to enquire about community facilities before paying for educational services.  Most councils and/or education authorities will direct residents to local sources of free basic English and literacy training.

For Students AND Teachers

Quick Language-Level Guides

Please note, these are not formal tests but if you have not recently checked what level your English is, they are a quick way of getting an approximate idea.




English language tutors or students looking for ideas - try this!

David R Morgan's Creative Ideas Page

For Teachers

Earlyworks Press Teachers' Guides No 1

First Class FCE Teacher - cover pic First_Class_FCE_Teacher

  by Kay Green

Published by Earlyworks Press 2007

ISBN 978-9553429-5-0

UK 7.50

   + 2 p&p 

First Class FCE Teacher

Whether you are planning your first ever exam course or coming back to FCE after a hectic summer, this book aims to be the friend in the bottom of your bag that provides the answers when you need them.

Exam information, practice activities and strategies for each paper, guides to planning, marking and grading, and a wide range of invaluable tips to make your exam class a happy and successful one.

 Kay Green has worked in the EFL industry for 10 years as a teacher of general and business English, as a teacher trainer and course designer of Cambridge and IELTS courses and as Director of Studies of a business English school. She is now editor of Earlyworks Press and runs a skills development and promotion club for small press and independent authors.

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