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Stories of St Leonards


The Hastings Modern Art Beach Book

The Hastings Modern Art Beach Book


Visions of Hastings - stories, memories, pictures and articles by the people of Hastings. £9.99 from Earlyworks Press.

Visions of Hastings Anthology


Picture © Colin Breck


Picture © Colin Breck


Picture © Kath Keep


Picture © Kath Keep.


The Winner of the 2012 Web Poetry Competition is... 

Roger Elkin

He receives £75 prize money for his poem 'Zulu Dancing'. 

£10 runner-up prizes go to Sheila Wild, Jacqui Rochford and Keith Shaw

The authors listed below were also short-listed. Along with others who reached the last round,

their work is featured in the 2012 anthology (pictured below).  


Alyson Morris,  Andria Cooke

Daniel Gustaffson, Jocelyn Simms, Ginna Wilkerson


A taster of the poems...

Zulu Dancing  by Roger Elkin


Though his loose-limbed rhythmic saunter

lends his head a dismissive arrogance bordering

on insubordination, that instance dwindles

into insignificance one the music has kicked in:


then the plagal cadences, the bitter shrill whistling,

the chants, and the tam-tam's battering thwack

have him zigzagging angular in some hand-me-down

tribal memory of the battle challenge's aggressive


jaggedness, as spraunged on haunches, with knees

at ninety degrees, he's jabbing and stabbing

at air, eyes ablaze in outstaring glare, or rolling

crazily in some Zulu juju - a frenzy possessing


his lifted foot, shifting it, high, higher, then slapping flat against the ground, again after again, his lissom body

glistening in dressings of sweat, his black skin toning 

to gold with more agogic mockery till feigning defeat


like a wounded animal in a ground-circling,

limb-lagging sadness - only to leap to a final 

jab-stabbing attack - foot-slap, stab, jab, stab


and our awed, gormless, lost-for-words applause


while, all the time, his driver stands having a smoke

outside, and fixing new gigs on his mobile phone.


© Roger Elkin  2012



Admitting Wolves  by Ginna Wilkerson


Circling the wagons, loading the rifles,

barring the cabin door against the 

howling wolves who don't obey signs.


Wolves, dog-like, might want petting,

but fear bleeds into hesitation - 

and the bars and rifles remain.


Cats understand human distance - 

neatly tied in a parcel of affection.

You never need a rifle with a cat.


© Ginna Wilkerson 2012



NB  The copyrights of all works displayed on this site remain with their creators.  No works may be copied off the site by any method or for any purpose without the prior permission of the individual creators.

Queen's Hotel, Chester  by Sheila Wild


Everything must have come in

through the one white-washed arch:

carriages, ripe apricots, valets

and ladies' maids, lap dogs 

in upholstered baskets,

hothouse auriculas.


the larger creatures - 

dray horses, satyrs of glazed terracotta,

a foot-boy still in his nightshirt - 

are easiest to reprise.


All it takes is fog at the sťance hour

and you meet them

on the station forecourt,

late running ghosts with news

from London or Birkenhead.

Their latent heat lingers in the clay

of a blue enamelled roundel,

their names and dates lettered in white.


© Sheila Wild 2012



The winners' anthology, 'This is a book about Alice' will be published on 20th February 2013. Authors' copies will be posted to them on or before this date.


This is a book about Alice


more info...