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 Literary Artwork and Photography Service

 Welcome to our showcase pages. Our services are for printers, publishers, writers, illustrators, graphic designers and artists.  Our aim is to support you by combining photography, artwork and text to make practical products for the literary world.  Contact us for prices and discussions at

Book Cover Illustrations and Design


Book cover - Babylon Rising Book cover - Attack of the Axaniri Book cover - Room to Write

Babylon Rising – 

Poems on the War in Iraq


This example book cover was produced by taking an old non-copyright image of a warrior from Nimrud and stressing it electronically to colour it with many shades.

Text can be rotated or curved, even placed in a spiral, as you wish.


The Attack of the Axaniri


This example cover shows the effect of colouring a black and white original using electronic stressing.  Once again, text can be laid over artwork in any colour.


Room to Write


This mock cover for a Virginia Woolf novel was produced by going to her house at Rodmell and waiting until the sunlight was at the ideal angle to get the statue and her writing room with the right light values – and leaving appropriate spaces for the book cover text. We can convert colour to black and white as well as colouring black and white into duotone or even quadrotone. We can also hand-paint a photo and then re-manipulate it to produce a false colour effect.

Book cover - Cloud of Unknowing Book cover - Hastings Boats Book cover - Roman Architecture
Book cover - Death in Battle Book cover - Victorian shelters Book cover - Supernature
Book cover - Atlantic Volcanoes Book cover - Stone Miracle Book cover - Downland Edge
Book cover - Suicide Politics Book cover - Theory and Use of Colour Book cover - SAS Interrogation

Jackets for Hardback Books

 Here is an example of a full book cover – showing the front and back covers and the inside front and back flaps, with the title running vertically down the book spine.


We offer a full design service for all sizes of books.  All the photographs used are our copyright.  When working with you for book covers or other artwork, we can make the image into a PDF (Acrobat Portable Document Format) and send it to you for approval of colours etc. However, remember that asking your printer for a proof will be the final determiner of colour and shade, since computer screens vary in their colour of representation.


You can also commission us to take photographs at any location and portraits of authors for book covers and the author’s personal websites.

Hardback book jacket - Cruel Sea


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All our images and photographs are copyrighted to Art Bexhill Ltd.