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 You can have a poster designed and made for any occasion - book fairs, shop sales - promotion of books and other literary items - prices lists - cafes and restaurants.  Posters can be produced in sizes from A5 to A1.  The ideal size is A3.

Poster - Book Fair



Poster - Cafe Bleu



Poster - Venetian Carnival Poster - Blue Moon Cafe

Poster - Striving for Equality



Scroll down to see how Art Bexhill Makes a Magical Poster

1. Photograph Vivaldi banner outside an exhibition in Venice...

Photo - Vivaldi Banner


2. Photograph violinist in St Mark's Piazza


Photo - Man with Violin


3.  Cut out the banner and the man, transform him into a ghost (murder not involved).

Photo - Vivaldi Cut-out


4.  Photograph Vivaldi's instruments.  Assemble ingredients.

Poster - Ghost of Vivaldi


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