The Earlyworks Press

Ways of Falling 

launch was held at the 

Calder Bookshop and Theatre

on 19th February 2011

featuring Steve Atkinson, Sarah Evans, 

Shirley Golden, Trevor Hopkins, Adam E Smith and Janet H Swinney


The Readers

Steve Atkinson reads Five Little Pinkies

Five Little Pinkies, a genuine cliff-hanger read by Steve Atkinson. And yes, fingers are lost.

Sarah Evans reads The Chose

A breathless, mysterious build up from Sarah Evans in her reading from The Chose. You'll have to buy the book to find out what she was building up to.

Shirley Golden reads 'Falling from the Sky'

Falling From the Sky is a black comedy from Shirley Golden. Her excerpt left us under no illusions about the difficulties and dangers in the dare-devil games of her teenage story characters, nor of the pain that the games are hiding.

Trevor Hopkins reads 'How to Impersonate a UFO'

How to Impersonate a UFO: a terrifying story from Trevor Hopkins. The narrator claims this story is gleaned from the memoirs of his retired, RAF pilot father...

...I have interrogated Trevor several times and, although he has admitted that his father WAS an RAF pilot, he just won't tell me how much of the actual story is true. If all of it is, then the men in black are after Trevor and we're really lucky they didn't turn up at the launch.

Adam E Smith reads 'The Fire in her Belly'

The Fire in her Belly: Adam E Smith really should consider becoming an actor. The passage he read was a conversation between a pregnant young woman and a bumptious Kenyan bishop. It's always a hard choice at readings - to do the voice or not to do the voice. Adam chose to do them and I was quite surprised, when I saw the photos, to see just Adam standing there reading.

Janet Swinney reads 'Internet Explorer'

The last reading of the day was Internet Explorer by Janet H Swinney, a story about the hilarious and heart-breaking goings on in an adult education centre.

...and those are just six of the 23 precipitous stories in the anthology.


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The venue and the event

The Calder Bookshop and Theatre


Ways of Falling

The Audience

The coffee break!

The posters


The Readers

Hearty thanks from Earlyworks Press to all the readers, and to the 

Calder Bookshop and Theatre

 for hosting the launch, and to all the authors who contributed to this excellent book.

Photos courtesy of Mayuko Ono and Bruce Badger

Launch review text by Kay Green

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