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Picture Kath Keep.

How it all started 

In the beginning (which was in 2006) there were four of us, and this is more or less what we had in mind....

Jim Littlejohn

Jim has taught English for many years, working in Edinburgh, Hastings, Spain, Saudi Arabia and Algeria. He has written and piloted course materials, taught Business English and other areas of English for Special Purposes. With an MA in Linguistics/English Language, he has extensive experience in text appraisal and analysis.

(He's a poet, a warm facilitator, a mean proof reader, a champion pub philosopher, and is very good at staring moodily out to sea on stormy days, but being a dour Scotsman, would never say enough to fill a bio-box about himself! - Kay)

Kay Green


Kay has been writing for poetry magazines and literary journals for fifteen years. Her book, "Jung's People" is published by Elastic Press. Her work can currently be seen in Elastic Press anthologies, Trevor Denyer's 'Legend' magazine, and various poetry journals. She is also an experienced English teacher, with a TEFL diploma from Trinity College. She has worked as Director of Studies and course designer for a Business English school, tutor/mentor for students preparing for Cambridge and IELTS exams, and as a teacher trainer.

Kay says, "One summer's day nearly 25 years ago, when I was struggling to find my way into the world of writing and publishing, I found myself standing in the Mendip Hills, looking down at the old Wookey Hole paper mill, which is now a museum, as so many things are. I thought, if I were rich, I'd buy that and create a press that produced real, beautiful books designed by the authors and illustrators. Small print-run perhaps, but real books that feel right and smell right. It'd be specially for people who hadn't been published much before but had something worth saying, and it wouldn't cost them a fortune. I'd call it Earlyworks Press. Way to go, folks, but the dream is getting nearer."


Mustapha Baztout

He is a great storyteller, and has entertained us in the pub many a time. I am now working with him to get some of those amazing stories into book form. Mustapha is looking for someone who would like to work with him to produce an edition with parallel texts in French and English, which will make a marvellous resource for students of either language. If you are a writer and a native French speaker, or if you have a good level of experience working with French literature and you would like to get involved, please get in touch with Mustapha.


Kath Keep

Here is Kath, an artist from Hastings with whom I have been on a four-year journey of discovery. It didn't carry us far from our armchairs. It involved me looking at a tarot picture once a month or so, relating it to my life at the time, and writing a story, which I would then pass to Kath who would do an illustration blending the story with elements from her life. The resulting picture would come back to me to kick off a new story. More tarot, more living....four years down the line, we have a collection which we're thinking of calling "Two Women Walking", and the love of collaboration that fed my ideas for Earlyworks Press. Here is a foretaste of the collection. You can see more of Kath's work in the Exhibition Pages, and "Facing the Dark" - one of our tarot-generated stories - is in "Jung's People" published by Elastic Press. 

  The Emperor      The Tower

....and along came fellow Hastings writers Victoria Seymour, C R Krishnan, Terry Sorby and more, and then we invited some of our competition winners to join us, and now the Earlyworks Press Writers' and Reviewers' Club is around 50-strong. We include writers, editors, proof readers, English teachers, publishers and artists of one hue or another. Between us, we cover more genres, writing styles and career patterns than I would care to describe, and I hope that between us, we have something to offer anyone who is interested in finding their way into a hobby, a career or a lifetime's vocation in writing, illustrating or small press publishing.