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The Millennium Chronicle of Hastings by Ron Nicola

Books Born in Hastings 2009

Writers' and Artists' exhibition at Hastings Town Hall on 10th October

Who was there...?

ABOVE children's novellist Jill Hucklesby and RIGHT fantasy author Kate O'Hearn, both recent winners of the 1066 book awards.



Richard Evans, poet, with his new book, orbiting, and some of Ed Boxall's illustrations


ABOVE Jane Richardson, romantic novellist.


Cathy Edmunds Anna Foster

ABOVE Anna Foster, who specialises in helping people to write their life stories.

LEFT Cathy Edmunds, musician, writer and forum administrator and cover-artist for Earlyworks Press, presented her new MR novel, Small Poisons, published by Hastings-based Circaidy Gregory Press.  


Chas Jones

1066 Fulford writer and battle re-enactment organiser Chas Jones


Hastings Writes' Group secretary Rosemary Bartholomew exhibits a range of Hastings books. Among HWG's published titles are: Monica Tracey's 'Unweaving the Thread', Alex Willis's 'Guitar Making', Andy Oakes' thrillers, Charlie Menzinger's 'David and Tomoko' series and the group's Diamonds and Strandline anthologies


Hastings publishers Earlyworks Press 

and Circaidy Gregory Press

'Six Spoons of Sugar' - Evacuee memoirs by Richard Holdsworth


Historian Richard Pitcairn-Knowles with his biography of his grandfather, Andrew Pitcairn-Knowles,

the late 19th C photo-journalist and the subsequent founder of Hastings Riposo Health Hydro.


Victoria Seymour

Victoria Seymour introduced the seventh in her series of Hastings WWII social histories,

Austerity Dairy from Lavender Cottage - Hastings 1947



Hastings can offer many more authors, past and present - more than you can fit in a Town Hall. 

Many of them were represented by 

the Old Town Preservation Society (ABOVE) 

and Hastings Library (BELOW)


And here's one we will never forget - Terry Sorby (BELOW) one of the founders and most popular members of the Earlyworks Press Writers' and Reviewers' club. Sadly, he passed away this summer but his poems and stories about the people of Hastings live on and on Saturday, were sold in aid of the British Heart Foundation in memory of those who cared for him in his last days.

Last year, portrait artist Juliette Dodd painted a live portrait of the Town Crier during the Hastings Week celebrations. 

This year, she repeated the show, producing this portrait of the Carnival Princess during the exhibition, 

giving a running commentary on portrait technique. Photo courtesy of Alun Sambrook.

Hastings Town Crier by Alun Sambrook      Hastings Carnival Princess by Juliette Dodd



And as a suitable backdrop to a colourful and exciting day, Ron Nicola's epic work, the

Millennium Chronicle of Hastings.


Also present were authors Tom O'Brien and Brian Charles Harding, Alex Wilis, Monica Tracey and more, along with, perhaps, the next generation of Hastings' writers and artists - it is estimated that at least 300 people visited the exhibition in the course of the day, along with the top thirty entrants to the Visions of Hastings competition .

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