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The Writers and Reviewers Club

Update written in June 2008

We have decided that we'd like to stay smaller than the average Internet-based club and so we do not accept many new members from website applications. If you are interested in joining, your best bet would be to approach one of our current members at a local book fair, workshop or writers' group, or enter one of our web competitions - we often invite the winners to give the club a try. If you are an author, journalist or illustrator with a track record, we would like to hear from you but cannot guarantee club membership will be available.

We aim to give developing writers a first chance at professional standard publication and help experienced writers to promote their work. We publish 3 or more books a year, compiled from the shortlists of our regular poetry competitions and from the best of the work on our club forum. Later this year, we will be publishing an anthology of short fiction and one of poetry – the material for these will be drawn from the best entries to the competitions at present advertised on our Competitions page and towards the end of the year, we will be working on two books of club members' work.

There are, I believe, two things that make Earlyworks Press stand out from the crowd of online writers’ clubs. First and foremost, we offer our club members and competition winners quality ISBN publication – but we DON’T seek to profit from the writers, we seek to promote their careers. The club was designed for and is run by independent writers. 

Secondly, our online workshops are not Google-bait. If you visit the site you will not see much of the forum. The club workshops are part of a serious working area where our members strive to polish their work to publishable standards and prepare our own projects. Our members need to know that unpublished work is safe with us, so the forum is protected from casual browsers. 

You can however see the work our members choose to display on the open site on the Books, Poetry and Articles page and on the new site we are developing for our published members at Booksy. Booksy is moderated and compiled by club members but all comers are welcome to register and give their opinions of small press books they have read – or written. 

If you are interested in small press work, please consider registering on the open forum at Booksy.  If you want to be directly involved in Earlyworks Press projects, either try your skill in one of our competitions or send a short biog and/or sample of your work to the Writers and Reviewers Club. We do not want a cast of thousands so cannot make any guarantees, but we'd like to hear from you. Apply by email to club admin, or post to Earlyworks Press, Creative Media Centre, 45 Robertson Street, Hastings, Sussex TN34 1HL  Please mark your email/envelope "Club Application". Then - wait a few days! Club subscription is £30 per year but please do not send any money until we have seen your work or letter.  We will contact you with details of the privileges and rules of the club, and instructions on how to gain access to the Club Pages.

Site Rules and Conditions

The copyright of all work displayed on the site remains with its attributed creators.  No work may be copied off the site by any method or for any purpose without the prior permission of copyright holders. We do our best to ensure that nothing appears on the site which infringes anyone else's copyrights, or which contravenes any other laws of publication or decency or which might cause offence to any readers.  Any work which does not reach these standards will be removed as soon as the offence is discovered but responsibility for the work remains with its creators, so we appeal to club members to abide by our rules and by English law.

Club Rules and Conditions

If you have a current subscription to the Writers and Reviewers Club or if you have been offered a temporary membership due to work shortlisted in an Earlyworks Press Open Competition, you may submit work for publications, for the Club review pages or have your own section on Booksy.  The site rules above apply to all postings on the Club pages, and we ask you to also read the forum guidelines before joining any debates.

Earlyworks Press Rules and Conditions

Displaying your work on the site does not oblige you to submit it for further projects, and we will not copy on, or give permission to others to do so, without your prior agreement.  Displaying your work on the site makes future publication more likely, but we do not undertake to publish in book form everything we display on the site.  Except for competition winners, we do not normally publish uncommissioned work sent by non-members, either on site or in book form.  If you are interested in taking part, try one of the competitions, or go to the Club pages to find out how to join.  The site rules and conditions above also apply to work selected for publication in book form.

All Earlyworks Press publications will be on sale publicly, at prices advertised on the site as they are produced.  Discounts on all books will be offered to Club members.  Contributors will be offered one free copy, and further copies at cost price plus a small admin fee.  Open Competitions carry an entry fee as advertised.  Club members can enter competitions or submit work for publication or site display via the Writer and Reviewers pages in the Club.


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