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Earlyworks Press 2013

 Comedy Competition Winners

First Prize of 100 goes to

Phil Berthoud for "Atmosphere"

This must have been the hardest competition yet to judge - who decides what's funny? How many years will it take to find three judges that agree? The shortlist for this one got longer, shorter and longer again, and the final debate about how to choose between stories, cartoons and poems, all with qualities of their own, went on a bit. So well done to all who entered, and especially well done Phil. The final shortlisted authors/illustrators who contributed work to the 2014 Earlyworks Press comedy anthology were...

Dave Bryan, David Clemson, Liz Crosby, Maureen Cullen, John Holland, David Houston, Felicity Knight, Melissa Lawrence, Gillian Leaver, Lorna Liffen, Bill Lythgoe, Yvonne Mallett, Tony Noon, Tony Oswick, Angela Perkins, L F Roth, Pippa Sherman, Eddie Summers, Livia Varju, Heather Wastie and William Wood

Details of the book, and some extracts of the shortlisted works, will be posted on this page once everyone has been contacted. In the meantime, everyone's been sent hearty congratulations, some information... and some Porkies.



At long last, the comedy anthology is on its way to the printers! Sorry for the long wait. 

Authors' copies will be posted to them on or before the date of general release.



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