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Visions of Hastings - stories, memories, pictures and articles by the people of Hastings. £9.99 from Earlyworks Press.

Visions of Hastings Anthology


The £200 Winner of the Earlyworks Press
Short Story Competition 2016

Susan Imgrund for
The Dictator's Daughter


The shortlist for the Earlyworks Press 2016 short story competition is as follows...


 Natasha Bland, Stuart Gardner,

Sue Hoffmann, Susan Imgrund,

Linda Irish, Taria Karillion,

Katie Lewis, Yvonne Mallett,

Adrian Markle , Sue Mays,

Rhonwen McCormack,

Rebecca Mayhew, Jonathan Page,

Wendy Stedman, P J Stephenson,

Tom Szendrai, Valerie Thompson,

Ian Tucker, Charles Warren,

Christine Webb and Chris Williams

 Christmas Eve, 2016:

It's in the detail...

£200 awaited the winner, and we were stuck there for some time, arguing the merits of this and that out of a collection of unquestionably excellent entries. We got it down to four by being really picky about wanting a good story, well shaped, well realised, cleanly told, well presented, carefully edited, with no need of red pen work from us. Special mention for Susan Imgrund, Katie Lewis, Ian Tucker and Margi Hatjoullis all of whom had entries that were recommended for first place more than once along the way but it’s a competition, there has to be a winner, and we have chosen

 Susan Imgrund for “The Dictator’s Daughter”. 

The winners' anthology,

Apples, Shadows and Light

will be published on 19th May, 2017.

Author copies will be winging their way to the winners and shortlisted authors

ahead of that date.

Apples, Shadows and Light cover pic