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Visions of Hastings - stories, memories, pictures and articles by the people of Hastings. 9.99 from Earlyworks Press.

Visions of Hastings Anthology


The 200 Winner of the Earlyworks Press
Short Story Competition 2017

Katy Wimhurst for
The Sorcery of Smog


The shortlist for the Earlyworks Press 2017 short story competition is as follows...

Sharon Boyle, Gillian Brown,

Paul Burns, Richard Buxton,

Rebecca Camu, Joe Gibbs, 

Jez Hodesdon, Sue Hoffmann,

Graham Hubbard, Anthony James,

Chandra Masoliver, Helen Mayall,

Jonathan Page, Andrew Peters, 

Leslie Stevenson, P J Stephenson,

Janet Swinney, Jennifer Tucker, Charles Warren, Katy Wimhurst and William Wood


... excellent offerings from all these writers -

all memorable, well crafted stories - some standing out for a clean, poetic style, others for hitting the Zeitgeist with breath-taking skill, others for raising a laugh a question, or a valuable train of thought. Well done all - we're looking forward to showing the world the anthology!

The Sorcery of Smog - cover image


The anthology, named after the title

of the winning story, will be released

on 22nd March 2018. Authors will

receive their free copies, and a chance

to order further, discounted, books if

they wish, a week or two before the publication date.