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Visions of Hastings - stories, memories, pictures and articles by the people of Hastings. 9.99 from Earlyworks Press.

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Flash Fiction Competition Results

The 100 first prize goes to Catherine Edmunds

This was a strong list and contained a wide range of ideas about what flash fiction ought to be.

A real pleasure to read though 

Congratulations to Catherine, and to the other authors whose stories were in a hotly contested final round:

Susan Carey, Paul Dawson, Sue Hoffmann, J A Holland, Barbara Lorna Hudson

Mandy Pannett, L F  Roth, Pat Simmons and Malcolm Sinclair

Also on the shortlist are the following authors, whose work impressed the judges.

We hope to include one or more stories from all in the up-coming anthology:

Brian Webster, Brock James Davies, Rhona Gorringe, Ingrid Jendrzejewski, Ben Howels, Kate Ashlin, Emma Heath, Anne Elder, Katrina Collett, Andrew Irvine, Frances Colville, Edmund Piper, Ren Watson, Jeanne Davies, Fred Canavan, Hilary Hopker



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