Elementary Level Guide

1. Fill the gaps

Work fairly quickly.  Write down the best word or words you can think of to fill the following gaps, or decide to leave the space if no extra word is needed.

Naomi is (1)_____ English student.  She loves (2)_____ travelling.

Who are (3)_____ people over there?  They (4)_____ Naomi's friends.  Most of (5)_____ are studying English at Naomi's school. 

The tall guy is Paul.  He's Naomi's boyfriend.  He's two years older (6)______ Naomi.

Paul and Naomi phone (7)_____ every night.  They are going (8)_____ the cinema tonight.

Which film (9)_____ Naomi want to see?  (10)_____ time does it start?


2. Answer the questions

11 When do you say "How do you do?"

12 When do you say "How are you?"

13 What does "Cheers!" mean?

14 What can you buy at a bakery?

15 what can you do at a library?


Check your answers.