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Picture © Kath Keep.


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Picture © Colin Breck


Picture © Colin Breck


Picture © Kath Keep


Picture © Kath Keep.





Illustrators' Gallery

If you are working on a book or exhibition project that needs an illustrator, you can stroll though the gallery here, and get in touch with the artists.

If you are an artist accepting commissions or if you are interested in collaborating with a writer, you can display your work here.  You can do this by joining the Writers and Reviewers Club - or email us for open advertising rates.

 Rose Mary Boehm

Rose Mary Boehm is a copywriter, writer, poet, designer, illustrator and
passionate photographer. She is also experimenting with online art.
Here she shares some of her latest photographs and one online collage.


Rosmarie Boehm panel


Barcelona Graffiti Art

Barcelona street art reproduced as high quality posters and cards


  Postcard - paz paz paz

Peace, Peace, Peace: Poble Nou 2004

see more


postcard Mother Aftrica

Tic Tac Cat, Barcelonetta 2005

     Postcard In a Green Mood

In a Green Mood: Horta 2007

Postcard Modista

Modista: El Borne 2005

   Postcard Pres Bush to Die

Pres Bush to Die: Sant Pere 2005

postcard love and cool

Love and Cool: Raval 2005


Catherine Edmunds


Cathy Edmunds is a fine artist and photographer who works in both traditional and experimental styles. She welcomes commissions for all illustrative work. See more of Cathy's artwork at




Contact Catherine


   Brambles - Drawing by Catherine Edmunds   

     click image to enlarge


   Peregrine Falcon by Catherine Edmunds


      Estuary by Catherine Edmunds
   Dali visits London by Catherine Edmunds

   Virginia Woolf by Catherine Edmunds


Green Lizard by Catherine Edmunds


Katy Jones


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click image to visit Katy's website






Kath Keep


Kath is a colourist artist.  She likes painting and drawing landscapes and seascapes, and psychological fantasy themes.  She is interested in commissions and collaborations in these areas. _________________________________







Wendy Lane

picture - purple angel by Wendy Lane Picture - pop art hanging basket by Wendy Lane
Wendy Lane is a qualified Interior Designer and studied with the National Design Academy . Her artwork is self-taught and incorporates a range of media including acrylics, oils and water colour. She has also completed several pieces of digital artwork. She has accepted several commissions for murals and has undertaken specialist paint effects for clients as well as the traditional interior design service. Prints are available in several sizes. Framing is not included. There is also the option of printing onto block canvas. Commissions are welcome.

See more of Wendy's work.

Picture - flame lily by Wendy Lane


Nikola Temkov


Knight - black and white painting by Nikola Temkov Dragon slayer - black and white drawing by Nikola Temkov Cartoon drawing by Nikola Temkov Priestess - painting by Nikola Temkov

Nikola enjoys working with a wide variety of subjects, but specializes in fantasy-oriented work.  He likes working in black and white.  He has had illustrated books and comics published in Macedonia, Belgium and the USA.  He is interested in commissions.  

See more of Nikola's work at...

    deviantART   and   gfxartist      ______________________________________


Sample photo - Sunset

Art Bexhill Ltd


is a company specialising in creative photography for the literary world.


Here are some examples of their work in making book covers and book jackets, posters and experimental graphic art.  You can see more at the


Art Bexhill Exhibition

Sample photo - clouds
Sample book cover - The Cloud of Unknowing Sample book cover - track racing Sample book cover - Supernature Sample book cover - Downland Sample poster - Labyrinth Press

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If you would like to display your work here, join the Writers and Reviewers Club, or email us for advertising rates.

NB The copyrights of all works in this exhibition remain with their creators.  No works may be copied off the site by any means or for any purpose without the prior agreement of the copyright holders.

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