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Picture Kath Keep.

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Picture Colin Breck


Picture Colin Breck


Picture Kath Keep


Picture Kath Keep.


Page Two - Launch Exhibition


Hastings Artists -  Colin Breck


Colin paints mainly from life to capture the form of his subjects. He tries to suggest the fleeting movements of light and shadow and the constant flux of visual perception. His paintings are about the sensation of atmosphere, the absorption and concentration of looking and the stillness of solitude.







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Paintings and Poems

Austringer by Colin Breck


Skyward Will by Kay Green

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Hastings Artists -  Kath Keep



Kath is a colourist artist.  She likes painting and drawing landscapes and seascapes, and psychological fantasy themes.  She is interested in commissions and collaborations in these areas.











Hastings Artists -  Rana Muller


Rana Muller's art is a variation of the personal, subjective, and objective - her paintings are enquiring, questioning, discovering.   Her artwork is individual styled, stark contrasts combined with gently merging colours. Each painting is a bold statement, abstract or semi-abstract, a channel other than verbal through which she expresses feelings, thoughts and reflections on every day life and experiences. 







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