Science Fiction & Fantasy Exhibition

Hastings, October 2007

Earlyworks Press's third event for Hastings Week 2007: As night drew on in Priory Meadow Shopping Mall, a gathering of human and decidedly non-human entities created a celebration of science fiction and fantasy, including books, monster mouse-mats, cards, cult zines, posters and an art workshop activity with Katy Jones.

Katy Jones with the cover she created for F C Menzinger's book 'David and Tomoko'



Katy Jones and author Rachel Gardner with the Earlyworks Press fantasy anthology 'Sleepless Sands'

Earlyworks Press Science Fiction anthology 'The Road Unravelled' and Kay Green's psychological fantasy book 'Jung's People'

More Katy Jones work

Genni Fernandes with some of her dragon paintings.

Katy Jones and science fiction writer Andrew Irvine got started on a landscape of strange and marvellous creatures.

Pretty soon they got some helpers involved...

...quite a lot of helpers in fact.

After the exhibition, Andrew took the finished landscape to some friends of his at a school in London to write the story of the picture. Watch this space for the result!


Kate O'Hearn's fantasy for young people, 'Shadow of the Dragon'

Kate O'Hearn's fantasy novel


Taff Lovesey's Portal Chronicles


Horror from Matthew Mugridge


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