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The Hastings Modern Art Beach Book

The Hastings Modern Art Beach Book


Visions of Hastings - stories, memories, pictures and articles by the people of Hastings. £9.99 from Earlyworks Press.

Visions of Hastings Anthology


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Picture © Colin Breck


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Picture © Kath Keep.


Earlyworks Press 2012

  Flash Fiction Competition Winners

First Prize of £75 goes to

Vivien Jones for "Shooting Game"

Runner-up prizes of £10 each go to

Charles Menzinger for "The Earwig"

Sue Hoffmann for "Front Window"

Gaynor Jones for "Dear Gerbils"

Also commended were


Steve Atkinson for "Weekend At Mumbles"

Luke Bowden for "Oxymoron"

Gary J Dooley for "Autobiography"

Cedric Fox-Kirk for "Who Gets Gold?"

Deborah Heath for "Phoenix"

Susan Mazzotta for "The Good Point"

L F Roth for "Chris"

Janet Turner for "Last Chance".

All the above authors will be offered a place in the Earlyworks Press Poetry and Flash Fiction anthology pictured below. To whet your appetite, here are some gems from the set...

Shooting Game  by Vivien Jones


Jake said he wouldnít let Liam shoot until he was twelve.
     Liamís nose pressed against the farm shed window as, unseen, he watched Jake clean the gun. He wiped grubby glass as condensed moisture from his breath trickled in rivulets.
     He watched Jake lock the gun away, watched him hang the key out of sight, then lift the sleek fox onto his shoulder, carry it from the shed. 
     In bed that night, Liam lay on a pillow that smelled of his mean brotherís hair grease. 
     His hand slid under the pillow, and didnít let go of the key.


© Vivien Jones  2012



Dear Gerbils  by Gaynor Jones


I'm sorry I didn't look after you like I said I would. I'm sorry for your mucky cage and stale food. I'm sorry TV became more important than you. I'm sorry you arrived in my life at the same time as hormones. I'm sorry I put you on the bed, then pulled the sheets tight so you sprung into the air. Although, if it's any consolation, you did look great as you flew. Finally, I'm sorry that we buried you in the garden, only to dig you up later, when we needed extra room for the bedding plants.


© Gaynor Jones 2012












NB  The copyrights of all works displayed on this site remain with their creators.  No works may be copied off the site by any method or for any purpose without the prior permission of the individual creators.

The Earwig  by Charlie Menzinger


It used to appear every morning on the kitchen draining board and I fed it a drop of milk.

     My wife thought I was mad and that I ought to kill it. It had a right to live, and I felt affection for the little creature. Iím sure this was reciprocated. A bond was made.

After he had drunk the milk I could have sworn he waved to me with his little horns before disappearing to his hideaway.

     One morning he didnít appear nor the next. I felt Ė like Ariel Ė that my occupation had gone.


© F C Menzinger  2012



Front Window  by Sue Hoffmann


They call it her television, this curtain-framed window through which she watches life pass by. Children play on the small green - the sports channel. Magpies and wood pigeons squabble over nest sites - wildlife. Neighbours stop to chat - evening news.
     How long is it since she was out there, meeting people, smelling the chill air, running on the grass? How much longer must she stay confined, passive?
     At last she hears the yearned-for melody of collar and lead, and her tail waves gently.


© Sue Hoffmann  2012


The winners' anthology, 'This is a book about Alice' will be published on 20th February 2013. Authors' copies will be posted to them on or before this date.


This is a book about Alice

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