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Earlyworks Press 2013

  Flash Fiction Competition Winners

First Prize of £100 goes to

Jeanne Davies for "Stag Night"

Also commended were


R J Allison, Antony N Britt, Sasha Brown, Sue Clark, Jill Clough, Frances Colville, Dave Drummond

Bronwen Griffiths, Laura Guthrie, John Holland, Jeff Jones, Meredith Jones, Patricia Leake, Phil McNulty

 Mark Nightstone, Emily Price, Ian Shine, Andrea Tang, Maree Teychenné and Jax Vincent

The above authors' works appeared in the Earlyworks Press Poetry and Flash Fiction anthology Sharp as Lemons, published in November 2013. To whet your appetite, here are some gems from the set...

Stagnight  by Jeanne Davis


She was frocked in innocence with long stilettoed legs. 
The predators watched her turn her graceful neck, head tilted to listen to the song. The light caught her vanilla hair and her purity drew us in. Sad globes adorned with long lashes flickered, unaware that we watched. Every man there wished he could strip her naked and keep her to himself.
     Suddenly she sprang into an evocative dance, shifting from side to side. The turmoil of her moves amplified the intense craving of her audience.
     I didn’t pursue her but called my dog, un-cocked my gun, and walked home.


© Jeanne Davis 2013


Creep  by Sue Clark


‘You sure it don’t creep you out?’ I go.
     Molly shakes her head. ‘You’re like Harry Potter and his lightning bolt scar. Different.’
     ‘Is that why the girls stare and scream?’ I say, faking a laugh. ‘They think I’m Daniel Radcliffe.’
     ‘Is it a birthmark?’
     ‘Hemangioma. Had it since I was little.’
     She leans in, tracing her finger down the mark. The world goes still. I feel normal.
     ‘Anyway,’ she goes, ‘a concealer would probably cover that.’
     A dog yaps, a passing boombox motor thumps out hip-hop.
     So much for not being creeped out. So much for being normal.


© Sue Clark 2013



NB  The copyrights of all works displayed on this site remain with their creators.  No works may be copied off the site by any method or for any purpose without the prior permission of the individual creators.

Summer Time  by R J Allison


It was one of those timeless summer days when the past feels present; one of those moments of irrational conviction that this day, this summer evening, doesn’t just seem like one from the half-remembered endless summers of childhood, but actually is one – a perception that all such special, magical evenings are in fact the same evening. A vision of the thing flickered at the corner of my mind’s eye; a theory, almost, scratched softly at my understanding. I turned the last bend in the familiar path, stepping out of the woods, and it was so.


© R J Allison 2013




Pointless Platypus  by Sasha Brown


If a platypus walked in, it’s unlikely that anyone would be surprised. At least, no one would be more surprised, after hearing the conversation prior to its entrance. Perhaps they would be more surprised, but already surprised thus, their resultant surprise would be higher than without the conversation, if the platypus simply walked in. Perhaps their destiny was to reach the aforementioned surprise, which would be fulfilled on the platypus’ entrance without the conversation. It remains, however, that due to the conversation that happened (not the platypus that didn’t) everyone in the room – lacking a platypus – was surprised.


© Sasha Brown 2013







Details of the winners' anthology will be posted here soon. Authors' copies will be sent to them on or before the date of publication.




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