Gender Genre Short Story Competition

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This competition was run as an experiment, to give us more material in our long-running debate about how male and female writers differ, about readers' preferences for male or female writers and all the issues surrounding gender issues in publishing. For this reason, to allow all passing readers to take up the great debate, we have published the shortlisted stories along with the judges reports and some of the comments which ensued.

The Top Ten Stories

Here are the stories from which our judges will be choosing the winners:

        Bath Night

        A Yellow Daisy

        Lost and Found

        Touching the Rabbit

        Chicken Run

The Wave

Stiff Upper Lip

hi from cassandra


Sicilian Ice-Cream


Competition Administrator Kay Green writes:

Well, we had learned one lesson already: The competition entries suggested that most writers prefer their work to be judged without reference to the gender of the writer. Of those entries who did indicate their gender, most chose to use a female name.


At this stage, we had not given the judges any information about the writers. We asked them to choose the best stories and then tell us whether they could identify the gender of the writer - and what they thought about the attitudes to gender expressed in the stories.  


The Results!

The Judges
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