Hastings Hothouses 

Christmas Exhibitions December 2009


Earlyworks Press and Circaidy Gregory Press exhibited the originals of our cover artworks by Cathy Edmunds and books with artwork and illustrations by Katy Jones, David Dennis, Pam Eaves, Kath Keep and others at the 4 Dudley Road venue. Here's the programme, followed by some photos of the event.


Hastings Christmas Hothouses - houses and studios open for viewing on 28th and 29th November at 4 and 21 Dudley Road.

Exhibitions open at 4 and 21 Dudley Road


wormwood, earth and honey and Charity's Child - original cover art by Catherine Edmunds   Circaidy Gregory books and artwork from 'Small Poisons'.

Earlyworks Press and Circaidy Gregory books on display with some of the original cover art.

To the left here is Catherine Edmunds' 'wormwood, earth and honey' which was created for her own poetry collection

and in front of it, Rosalie Warren's 'Charity's Child', the cover picture also an original work from Catherine Edmunds.

To the right, Catherine's 'Small Poisons', created for the cover of the novel of the same name.


Below: Our host for the weekend, Anna Newington surveys the layout of the exhibition 

Right: a selection of Anna's ceramics.


Anna Newington

Below: Katherine Reekie with a selection of her pictures. Katherine also had cards and posters depicting Hastings in some of its truly surreal, festival moods.

Katherine Reekie

Below: Melissa White admires Julie Tucker-Williams' display...

Right: ...whilst Julie passes round the snacks.

Julie Tucker Williams jewellery

Below: Melissa White's exhibition (Melissa doesn't just paint pictures - she paints whole houses.)

Melissa White pictures

Below: Posters of Ron Nicola's 'Millennium Chronicle of Hastings' on sale to raise money for the publication of a book of the paintings and their story.

Ron Nicola posters

Below and right: Sophie Cadogan's cardigans and other wool and cotton goodies, snuggling amongst the displays.

Sophie Cadogan clothes and general exhibition table


A great exhibition and a weekend long party - our sincere thanks to Anna for hosting it - it was such fun we even enjoyed the washing up!

Anna Newington ceramics

Katherine Reekie pictures

Katherine Reekie pictures

Julie Tucker Williams

Melissa White pictures

Explore upstairs if you dare....

Melissa White pictures

Sophie Cadogan clothes

Katherine and Sophie wash up





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