The 100 Winner of the November 2006 Earlyworks Press Short Story Competition is...

 "His Boots" by  Alexandra Fox

   Works by the following authors were among our favourites, and will also be published:


Jenny Adams

Elizabeth Sarkany

Rachel Moses

Pam Eaves

Jude Higgins

Neil Valentine

Norman Blake

Eddie Gubbins

Clive Gilson

Enid Meredith

John Hinge

Filipa Kaori

Anne O Dea

Lynne Voyce

Martin Ungless

J M Thomas

Claire Follett

Teresa Stenson

Bella Govan

Steve Mann

Rosemary Pope

Richard Layton

Manus McDaid

Judi Moore

Carey Barlow

Emma Melville

Sarah  J Bryson

Emma Morgan

Brenda Ray

Guy Ware

Laura Dippie

Cathy Whitfield

Judy Walker


There are some familiar names here.  Norman Blake, Bella Govan and Manus McDaid all made a good showing in our Novel Idea Competition earlier this year. Cathy Whitfield is the author of 'The Man Who Loved Landscape' from our Survival Guides anthology and we are especially proud to see Steve Mann and Pam Eaves of our own Earlyworks Press Writers and Reviewers Club on another list of winners.  The anthology, 'with islands in mind' will be published on 9th January and we will be sending contributors' copies to the authors listed here shortly.

      with islands in mind - Front Cover

 10 + 1 towards p&p to UK

Price to Writers and Reviewers Club members 8.50 + 1  towards p&p


Contributing authors can buy additional copies for 7.50 + 1 p&p  

Please email Kay for details.


For general readers, 'with islands in mind' is on sale here.


with islands in mind

Literary and Genre Fiction

34 stories by the authors short listed in the second Earlyworks Press Short Story Competition.  The problems of life and death are shared by all, from the embryonic life which might never reach birth to the planet itself. Why do we have islands in mind? When Nemesis approaches should we think on a planetary scale or look inside ourselves for an answer? Some of these stories look to the future, others turn back to question the demons that have dogged humanity from the dawn of time. Some characters draw together to solve their problems, others become isolated, cut off like islands in a storm.




Published by 

Earlyworks Press

ISBN 978-0-9553429-4-3


Back Cover Illustration by Catherine Edmunds


Cover Art 2006 Catherine Edmunds