When you enter a competition, you send us your contact details. Name and email address are essential – you may also wish to include alternative contact details, such as a postal address.

You can see our competitions privacy statement here.

Reminder (three universal rules for competition entrants)

  1. Proof-read your work. A text full of errors cannot get top marks from the judges.
  2. If sending paper entries, apply correct postage, or it will not get any further than the sorting office.
  3. If paying by cheque, do not invent the name to write on it. If you are using a cheque, please read the instructions first.



We accept email entries in the body of an email (we don't open attachments). To submit your story by email:

  1. Pay for your entry by clicking either the £4 pay button (for one poem) or the £16 pay button (for six poems). Make a note of your PayPal transaction number.

  2. Include 'Poetry Competition 2019' in the subject line of your email.

  3. Put your contact details - name and email address are essential - and your PayPal transaction number at the top of your email.

  4. Paste your poem or poems into the body of your email, below your contact details and PayPal transaction number.

  5. Send your email to





To submit your poem or poems by post:

  1. Make your payment in pounds sterling - cheques or POs are payable to Kay Green. The entry fee is £4 per poem, and £16 for six poems.

  2. Print/write each poem on single-sided A4 paper, remembering to number each page.

  3. Attach a cover sheet to each poem, marked EP2019, giving the title of the poem, the author's name, address and/or telephone number/email address. Please mention where you heard about this competition.

  4. Weigh your package and apply the correct postage. We cannot guarantee that entries will be received or opened if you don't do this.

  5. Send your entry, with your payment, to: Earlyworks Press, Creative Media Centre, 45 Robertson Street, Hastings Sussex TN34 1HL