Sorcery of Smog

Hualophilia, autogynephilia, technophobia, an unwitting homicide, a desperate, psychophysiological journey to the end of the world and other every day occurrences.

The Sorcery of Smog is the title of the lead story by Kate Wimhurst, the winner of our 2017 short story competition.

In settings ranging from Mexico and the Australian Outback to downtown Edinburgh, told with laughter, philosophy, nostalgia and some stunningly unexpected twists, this wide-ranging collection of original stories demonstrates why it's sometimes difficult to get from breakfast to supper without precipitating an apocalypse.

And then comes the night.


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Apples, shadows and light

Where do baby selkies come from? Where do shadows go? What happens in the minutes after a war ends?

A collection of stories from the winner and shortlisted authors of our 2016 short story competition.

The Dictator’s Daughter shows there is always an angle you hadn’t thought of taking. The Incident at the Honeysuckle Happiness Hospice has no right to be as hilarious as it is and then make you cry – but it does. Going Nowhere may be more rewarding than you thought.

An apple may be your enemy, and a mugger your friend. The aroma of marzipan may suggest a happy memory... and that’s just three out of a collection of 26 short stories and 18 snappy pieces of flash fiction.

Apples, Shadows and Light presents an incredible range of stories by shortlisted authors from Earlyworks Press’s 2016 fiction competitions. Some are long enough for a serious train journey, some short enough for a tea-break. Read from end to end or dip in and out – you will find genres to suit all moods, as well as startling, genre-hopping original tales.

Cover art: "The Three Muses" by Catherine Edmunds

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Journeys Beyond

Stories and poems from the winners and shortlisted authors of our 2015 competitions.

Where do you look, how far must you travel, what are the magic words? When danger and chaos are all around how do you find the eternal human spirit that survives the worst, the very worst, the world can throw at you?

Cover art: "The Outcast" by Mark Sheeky

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The Ball of the Future - Stories long and short

The stories in this collection were shortlisted in Earlyworks Press short story and flash fiction competitions during 2013/14. They include stories of past, present and future, in a dazzling variety of styles.

The Ball of the Future by Paul Dawson

Not yet born, not yet touched by man, it glows like a mercurial object. But I want to touch it. I want to caress the curvature of its sides and delve into its golden light. I think the inside must be huge and endless, like a stream without end, like an infinite well of possibility. This tiny ball represents the future, yet I am the past. As I move towards it my own light begins to fade, and as I enter it there is nothing left. I cease to exist…

Cover painting "The Ball of the Future" is by Mark Sheeky, who also has a story in the collection.

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'Ell Oh 'Ell - You have to laugh it says so

Cartoons, stories and hilarious rhymes from the winners of the Earlyworks Press comedy competition.

A guide to things like writing, call centres, hamsters, elephants and technology for people who are too old to consider following any advice whatsoever.

UK £7.99 + £1.50 towards p&p



The Several Deaths of Finbar's Father

A collection of short stories by the winner and short listed authors of the Earlyworks Press short story competition 2013.

A moment contains an adventure-filled life, a life is bargained for on a cliff-edge; one is glimpsed in the back row at a lunchtime concert, another smashed by a careless blink. In these stories, you will visit a sun-soaked castle, its towers in starry heavens, its basements deeper than the roots of trees. You will step into other worlds (minding the gap) and find new life in the everyday. Magic moves in a music recital, the steps of a once-upon-a-time plains tribe and the boozy farewells of an urban evening class. Enjoy lives that were, lives that almost were and lives that night just be.

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Significant Spaces

Prizewinning short fiction from Lance Hanson, Sarah Evans, Chris Franks, Steve Atkinson, Richard Awdry, Sharon Boyle, Joanna Campbell, SMH Davies, Helen Holmes, Julian Holt, Siobhan O'Tierney, L F Roth and Janet H Swinney.

Sleeping Jesus and the Green Goblin, Lance Hanson's unique story with the unforgettable title sets the tone for a cascade of tales about things that are not where they should be, or not what people expect them to be. Can you fill the spaces? Find out, in these 15 startling page-turners.

Paperback £8.99 + £1.50 p&p to UK addresses




Telescoping Time

Stories from the Earlyworks Press Science Fiction Challenge 2011.

'It takes an alien race to show us our humanity' - Eric Brown in 'Kethani', 2011

In 2011, the second Earlyworks Press Science Fiction Challenge was launched, at the suggestion of club member, David Dennis. He asked entrants to produce stories which would make a realistic contribution to the debate about how humans and extra-terrestrial species might prepare for contact and learn to co-operate rather than destroy each other through fear or prejudice, by accident or design. The stories in this book are our favourites from the resulting crop.

Paperback £7.49 + £1.50 p&p to UK addresses

Telescoping Time is also available for Kindle. Click here for UK or USA.



Barcelona to Bihar - Stories that Travel with You

This marvellous collection of stories ducks and dives through time and space with the speed of a social network site browser.

It includes our favourites from the entries to the 2011 Earlyworks Press Short Story competition, along with one or two from our own club stable.

The winning competition story, ‘Reading Tolstoy in Barcelona’ by Peter Deadman, presents us with a young merchant sailor getting to grips with the world via some extraordinary midnight shore-leave encounters. It sets the scene perfectly for a series of tales of immigrants and migrants, of misfits and visitors, from every corner of the world.

Opening time at a shop in India, and nemesis arrives in the shape of a genial stray. In Britain, sons and daughters of immigrants seek ways of being British, whilst the indigenous Brits find the familiar – from office party to lighthouse beam – is not what it ought to be.

Taking in letters from Africa, from the Solomon Islands and from previous centuries; witnessing potentially murderous mountaintop encounters with goats and even trolls; navigating a European tunnel and an English bell tower, the mind of the reader must twist and turn, encompassing many miles and many moods, before coming home with a view from another planet as to what it might mean to be human.

Congratulations and many thanks to all the writers featured here. Enjoy the stories – I guarantee they will leave you feeling very well travelled.

Paperback £8.99 + £2.50 p&p to UK addresses

Barcelona to Bihar is also available for Kindle. Click here for UK or USA.



Ways of Falling

This collection of 23 short stories includes 2010 competition winners as well as new works by some familiar, favourite Earlyworks Press writers.

Is it something in the air? Is it the Zeitgeist at work? You run an open, international fiction competition and when the judges pass you the top twenty stories all of them, by one means or another, suggest a headlong fall. Venture into this book and you will fall - from aeroplanes, through fire and ice, from pedestals, from grace or even from life.

Landings may be soft - or may involve gory impalement. Pride comes before a fall but sometimes, illusions fall away and endings shine with beauty and truth.

Prepare to laugh, to hold your breath in wonder and to do some serious thinking but....don't look down!

Cover image by Paul Francis

£8.99 + £1.50  towards p&p to UK addresses




In these shape-shifting stories murderers, sleuths, monks and marketing wonderboys all battle with their unique visions of the world – but who wins, and how will they recognise victory when it comes?

Ancestors linger in darkness, held by the attentions of the living; a monk prepares to answer the eternal question; an accident victim loses his memory, another loses something less tangible; one artist dreams of snow, another of the sea – but what do their artefacts dream of? The last performing tiger in the world meets the mob... and then there are the crocodiles...

Cover image by Jim Littlejohn

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Old Magic in a New Age

Standing stones and churches, trees and totems, fairytale creatures: dragons, princes, gods, ghosts and elementals from Europe and beyond...

We asked our writers and illustrators to dig deep, find the mythic and magical figures that spoke to them, and show us why they have survived into the New Age.

The result is a fabulous collection of stories and artwork. Some of the motifs are familiar and faithful, others have evolved as the world has changed. So if modern life leaves you hungry, enter these pages and find out which eternal classics still speak your personal magical language.

Lead story by Jonathan PInnock. Features artwork by Cathy Edmunds and others.

£10.99 + £1.50  towards p&p to UK addresses



Lorretta's Parrot

An escaped parrot changes lives on the streets of Glasgow, an art historian finds a young lover too much to handle, a big-game hunter meets an unexpected nemesis - and that's just the first three stories.

This colourful and varied anthology offers a window onto the lives of Amnesty activists and kidnappers, soldiers and aid workers, jazzers, photographers, Irish dancers and taxi-drivers - through stories fizzing with love, laughter fear and revenge, fairytales, dreams and nightmares.

Cover art by Catherine Edmunds.

£9.95 + £1.50  towards p&p to UK addresses



The Road Unravelled

Birth and death, genetics, evolution and intelligence - natural, artificial and divine: With each new announcement from the world of science shattering more of our traditional assumptions, we asked our writers to look into the future and answer the eternal question of science fiction: What if...?

Their answers tell us that far out in the starfields or here on earth, creatures human and otherwise face life-changing dilemmas - souls and systems, organic and inorganic, must lay aside everything we thought we knew and take an unmapped way forward.

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Rogue Symphonies

An attempted coup d’état fails, but the day of strife is a defining one for a pair of young lovers. In another country a film-maker stoically guards his reels as one revolution follows another.

In quieter climes, a butcher faces his violent past, an author battles with an extremely lively book and a new bakery is watched over by a sapient yeast.

And that’s just five of the twenty tales in this international, multi-genre collection: Lovers, loners and runners forever lead the action, whether their personal stories are played out in 1st World War Britain or the 21st century Middle East.

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With Islands in Mind

34 stories by the authors shortlisted in the 2007 Earlyworks Press Short Story Competition.

The problems of life and death are shared by all, from the embryonic life which might never reach birth to the planet itself. Why do we have islands in mind? When Nemesis approaches should we think on a planetary scale or look inside ourselves for an answer? Some of these stories look to the future, others turn back to question the demons that have dogged humanity from the dawn of time. Some characters draw together to solve their problems, others become isolated, cut off like islands in a storm.

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Survival Guides

This book may not be of much use if you find yourself clinging to debris in mid-Atlantic but if your experience of family, work, love and loss makes you feel as if you are adrift in a storm, consider the characters in these unique and thought-provoking stories – the solutions they find include dieting, murder, a little light creative writing, and disappearing through the hole in a guitar.

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Sleepless Sands

Named after the original story, “The Binding of the Sleepless Sands” by R D Gardner, which heads this collection, with original artwork by Katy J Jones and others, this collection includes fantasy stories, poems and artwork from 24 writers and artists, which present high fantasy in all its traditional, modern, comic and deadly forms.

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Porkies - Pigtales of the Unexpected

Sweet and sour bites of life.

Slippery stories, perplexing poems and devious drawings by the Earlyworks Press Writers and reviewers Club.

£6.50 + £1.50 towards post and packing