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Rogue Symphonies

Tales of Lovers, Loners and Runners



First, I imagine silence. A silence as black as a wet December night, as soft as the fur behind a catís ear, a silence that tastes of water and smells of the wind. I imagine a silence like this, and only then can I begin.         From 'Watershed by Cathy Whitfield

 An attempted coup díťtat fails, but the day of strife is a defining one for a pair of young lovers. In another country a film-maker stoically guards his reels as one revolution follows another. In quieter climes, a butcher faces his violent past, an author battles with an extremely lively book and a new bakery is watched over by a sapient yeast culture: And thatís just five of the twenty tales in this international, multi-genre collection: Lovers, loners and runners forever lead the action, whether their personal stories are played out in 1st World War Britain or the 21st century Middle East.




Le Six Avril - Martin Pevsner

The Butcher - Kit Habianic

Early Morning Rain - Brenda Ray

Jamul's Happy Day - Clive Gilson

Travelling Hopefully - K S Dearsley

Watershed - Cathy Whitfield

A Life At Sea - Marilyn Francis

Sal's Memorial - Zena Carter

Dormez Vous - Catherine Chanter

Contract at Niagara - Malcolm Bray

The Dating Game - Pam Eaves

Mr Braithwaite's Secret - Olive Shwenk

The Love Knot - Douglas Bruton

Who Knows Why, or Should - Gemma Seltzer

A View From the Bacon-Slicer - Anne Hijo

A Very Particular Bird - Tom Conoboy

The Runners - Geraint Roberts

The Wreck - William Wood

The Proof of the Book is in the Eating - Catherine Edmunds

Sourdough - Guy Ware


A Review by Tamara Sellman


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