The £100 Winner of the Earlyworks Press Short Story Competition is...

 My Fantastic Memories


Siobhan O'Tierney

The winner will take first place in an anthology which we hope to publish in September. 

Works by the following authors were among our favourites, and will also be published:


Bella Govan

Douglas Bruton

Cathy Whitfield

Don Nixon

Mark Frankel

Wendy Dunn

Pam Eaves

Sylvie Nickels

Jo Cannon

Wes Lee


Here it is!

William Wood

Michael Heery

Paul Hansbury

Susan Biver

Michael Limmer

Stephen Firth

Anne Ayres

Natalie Donbavand

William English










An Earlyworks Press Fiction 



        £8 + £1 towards p&p

Price to  Club members £7 + £1 p&p

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 Earlyworks Press 

Creative Media Centre 

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Survival Guides  

Published by Earlyworks Press 

ISBN 0-9553429-2-9 


This book may not be of much use if you find yourself clinging to debris in mid-Atlantic but if your experience of family, work, love and loss makes you feel as if you are adrift in a storm, consider the characters in these unique and thought-provoking stories – the solutions they find include dieting, murder, a little light creative writing, and disappearing through the hole in a guitar.


24 haunting stories by the Open Short Story Competition winners and Earlyworks Press Club members.  Artwork by Catherine Edmunds and Nick Richmond.


















Publication date, 14th September.  Contributing authors will receive free copies, all being well by the first week in September, and may order further copies at £6 + £1 towards p&p.





We are proud to announce that the poem which has won first prize in the first

Earlyworks Press Open Poetry Competition is...

 Madonna della Febbre


Nigel Humphreys

The poem stood out amongst more than 200 entries, the quality and variety of which has given us great pleasure – and a hard job choosing winners!  Works by the following authors will accompany the winner in the anthology, Routemasters and Mushrooms - details below.


Ann Copeland

Barbara Ann Durham

Roger Elkin

Jane Fox

Phil Fox

Duncan Fraser

R J Hansford

Michael Heery

Gillian Hesketh

Andrew Kelly

Jane Moreton

Gillian Moyes

Sylvia Oldroyd

Edward Peacock

Sally Richards

Sara Ridgley

Angela Rigby

Zachariah Rush

Adrian Tellwright

Poul Webb


      routemasters and mushrooms cover: Illustration by Kath Keep      

 £5.50 + 50p towards p&p

Price to Writers and Reviewers Club members £4.00 + 50p towards p&p

Please post cheques payable to Kay Green to: 


Earlyworks Press 

creative media centre 

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Sussex TN34 1HL


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Routemasters and Mushrooms  Published by Earlyworks Press ISBN 0-9553429-0-2 

Earlyworks Press is off to a good start with their first anthology – an intriguing title, and some excellent and varied poems from such well-known names as Roger Elkin.

Phil Fox for instance, serves up a sensuous dish About Tarts whilst Duncan Fraser’s speciality is the wry humour of High Rising Terminal.  More poignant notes are struck by Sally Richards in Institutional, Angela Rigby, describing Last Rites and Jane Moreton’s evocative Coach Journey: Half-Light.

 Carole Baldock, Editor of Orbis.

An interesting mix of very good poetry.  The Routemaster might be decommissioned, but it’s proven an unexpected source of inspiration for just one poem in a compilation that ranges from the reassuringly familiar to the cosmic in scope.  Not a single bland, run-of-the-mill poem in the mix.

 – DJ Tyrer, Atlantean Publishing  

Contributing authors will receive free copies on publication, and may order further copies at £3.00 + 50p towards p&p.