The Slow Turning Tide

Hastings in Austerity 1946- 1954

by Victoria Seymour

Launched at the Stables Theatre, November 2008


Victoria Seymour writes: 

The launch for my latest book The Slow Tuning Tide was not my first such function but because I held it in our Stables Theatre, formerly a Georgian stables with an impressive history, I felt I had something to live up to. 

The books on display

As far as conveniences are concerned the reception area offers everything I needed for my guests, who are predominantly elderly; some are disabled. I was very nervous about the practical arrangements but the theatre staff was splendid. Everyone there works for nothing and the fee I paid for the room hire and kitchen service went to theatre funds. 

Stables reception room

The guests chatted happily and started buying books from the moment they arrived; some bought several copies, with Christmas in mind, no doubt. Everyone who I invited had some connection with the book, either as a living witness, an inspiration or an association with local history.

victoria's guests

The old pictures I took along to the launch provided yet more chat material; I had printed an A4 size photo as a gift for each person who had loaned me family photos for the book. 

Victoria signing books

Victoria Seymour and Moira Hornsey


The lovely bathing belle Moira sent me flowers which was delightful. It was probably an echo of her days as a glamour model when such gestures were part of her professional life but it rounded off the morning perfectly and for a while made me feel glamorous too. 


Moira Hornsey, 1940s bathing bellle


I develop an affection for the different groups of people who have recounted their experiences for my various books; they become my literary family, as I said in my few words to the assembled company. The mayor, good business woman that she is, pointed out that the book is printed locally, its cover is the work of a Hastings artist and it is all about local history so “support your locality and buy the book!”


Victoria with Mayor Maureen Charlesworth

The display of austerity years photos


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