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Survival Guides


An Earlyworks Press Fiction Anthology


This book may not be of much use if you find yourself clinging to debris in mid-Atlantic but if your experience of family, work, love and loss makes you feel as if you are adrift in a storm, consider the characters in these unique and thought-provoking stories – the solutions they find include dieting, murder, a little light creative writing, and disappearing through the hole in a guitar.


My Fantastic Memories by Siobhan O’Tierney
Time Runs Away With Mfundo by Bella Govan
Picture Perfect Love by Douglas Bruton
The Man Who Loved Landscape by Cathy Whitfield
The Fifth Circle by Don Nixon
To Every Pot a Lid by Siobhan O’Tierney
The Plot by Mark Frankel
A Loss of Memory by Wendy Dunn
The Sentinel by Pam Eaves
A Hell of a Place to Lose a Cow by Sylvie Nickels
Alphabet Diet by Jo Cannon
Underground Springs by Susan Biver
A Day’s Outing to the Reservoir by Caroline Davies
A Chamber of Commerce by William Wood
The Cleaner by William English
Purdown Abbey by Michael Heery
Dusk by Wes Lee
The Day Simeon Cantilie Stopped Smoking by Paul Hansbury
Wild Thing by Michael Limmer
It’s A Different World by Pam Eaves
Willow and the End of Times by Stephen Firth
A Kind of Freedom by Wes Lee
Beginnings and Endings by Anne Ayres
The Luthier’s Granddaughter by Natalie Donbavand
The Crying of the Lilies by Elaine Walker

Cover and details – The Diver by Catherine Edmunds
Mfundo drawing by Nick Richmond

  Survival Guides 24 stories, 301 pages ISBN 978-0-9553429-29  

A Review by Tamara Sellman

£8.00 now only £4.99 

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You can also order your copy of Survival Guides from your local bookshop, or buy direct by sending a cheque made out to Kay Green to Earlyworks Press, The Creative Media Centre, 45 Robertson Street, Hastings Sussex TN34 1HL

Cover Artwork by Catherine Edmunds





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