Fact and Fiction Meet

Hastings author and social historian Victoria Seymour gave a talk on 'Policing Hastings from the Town Hall in the 1940s' at, appropriately, the Town Hall, as part of the 2007 Hastings week celebrations.


 She was joined by Inspector Banks, now 94, who was one of the senior officers responsible for policing Hastings in the Second World War, (the 'real' Foyle!), and Mrs Jean Gill, who worked as an administrative officer in the Police Station (the commandeered Town Hall), at the same time.


 Inspector Banks contributed to Victoria Seymour's book 'Court in the Act' on crime and policing in WWII Hastings.


Victoria Seymour, Charles Banks and Jean Gill

l  to r, Victoria Seymour, Charles Banks, and Jean Gill.



'Court in the Act' by Victoria Seymour - cover pic


The book, 'Court in the Act' has grown in popularity in recent years because it provides historical background to the TV series 'Foyle's War' which was filmed in Hastings. Victoria acted as on-set advisor whilst scenes of a wartime hearing were filmed in a mock-up of Hastings Magistrates Court.


victoria's exhibition stand

Victoria's exhibition stand at the Town Hall.


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