Books Born in Hastings 2010

Our annual celebration of books and artwork from Hastings took place at the Town Hall on 9th October this year, on the first Saturday of Hastings Week - which was also the first Saturday after Hastings Pier burned. Here's what happened...

Victoria Seymour at Books Born in Hastings

Victoria Seymour offered a preview of her new book, 'Victory's Children',

to be launched the following week (see Local Events Page for details).


Hastings Pier and White Rock Trust at Books Born in Hastings

The Hastings Pier and White Rock Trust were there to remind everyone 

that a scorched pier is not an ex-pier, and to sell tickets for the Hastings Week 'End of the Pier' boat-rides.


Kay Green of Circaidy Gregory Press at Books Born in Hastings

Kay Green exhibiting the latest from the Circaidy Gregory Press authors.


Katherine Reekie at Books Born in Hastings

Katherine Reekie exhibiting her 'Art on the Beach' and other Hastings-themed collections.





Mayor Kim Forward sat for a portrait by artist Juliette Dodd. 

Watch this space for a photo of

the finished work!






Books Born in Hastings 2010

Everyone gets a chance to have a good look at the 'Visions of Hastings' anthology and catch up on the latest news.

Visions of Hastings launched at Books Born in Hastings

Tom O'Brien with mayor Kim Forward at Books Born in Hastings

Playwrite Tom O'Brien tells mayor Kim Forward

about his Hastings-based play 'Down Bottle Alley'.


Steve Dyne of Empress Coaches at Books Born in Hastings

It's not just families that have history. Here's 

Steve Dine of Empress Coaches with his 

fascinating history of... Empress Coaches.


Steve Peak at Books Born in Hastings

...and Steve Peak with his histories of 

Fishermen of Hastings and Hastings Papers.


Three Men and a Quote

A very unusual photograph of The Three Men.

(I don't know - maybe he ducked?)


Jamie Ellis at Books Born in Hastings

Jamie Ellis, one of the younger 'Visions of Hastings' 

authors, shows the work to mayor Kim Forward.


Family History Society at Books Born in Hastings

The Family History Society offering advice and resources

to  potential local and family history writers.

Visions of Hastings anthology

How many things can one town be?


Escape route from London ... pirates' hideout ... birthplace of television ... where I first saw The Rolling Stones, The Clash, Status Quo ... holiday heaven ... dole-on-sea ... wartime frontline ... language school ... first port of call for tourists, students, asylum seekers ... cantankerous backwater ... cutting edge innovators ... meeting place of magicians, Morris sides and chess grandmasters ... seed-bed of artists, writers, musicians and inventors ... happy memories ... quiet retirement ... mods and rockers ... fancy diving ... fish & chips ... carnival ... ghosts, graphic design and modern art


.... It depends how many people you ask!


memories, opinions, stories and pictures

about Hastings, by the people of Hastings including....


Joyce Brewer, Mary Horsfield, Angela Davis, Ron Nicola, Kristina Thurlow, Joe Fearn, Vera Vickers, Peter Saunders, Kay McMullen, Stanley John Arber, Stephanie Morris, Karen Clow, D A Green, Carol Ridge, Rachel Marsh, Patricia Halsey, D E Valentine, Christine Barry, Christine Hayward, Victoria Climpson, Nola McSweeney, Richard Pitcairn-Knowles, Kevin Boorman, Don E Valentine, Juliette Dodd, Pasha Milburn, Alison Hill, Katherine Reekie, Tom O'Brien and Jamie Ellis.



The anthology,


Visions of Hastings


was launched at the exhibition 


Earlyworks Press Visions of Hastings cover pic

Rumours of the death of Hastings Pier have been greatly exaggerated



 Hastings Pier fire - a bingo ticket amongst the debris

Charred Bingo ticket spotted in the debris after the fire. 

Photo Peter Blomfield 2010.


The launch was an extra special event because it fell in the week that Hastings Pier burned, and the people of Hastings rallied to support the rebuilding. Visions of Hastings' includes a piece entitled 'Pier Memories by Angela Davis, trustee of the Hastings Pier and White Rock Trust. 

Earlyworks Press are proud to announce that the anthology will be on sale at The Pier Shop on the seafront, and proceeds of shop sales will be going into the fund to rebuild the pier.

If you would like your own copy of 'Visions of Hastings', you can order from independent bookshops or your local library or use the Paypal button below.


Published by Earlyworks Press ISBN 978 1 906451 26 4

9.99 + 1.50 p&p to UK addresses = 11.49



If you enjoyed 'Visions of Hastings', as a reader or a writer, you may be interested in taking part in our next project, 'Stories of St Leonards'. Click here for details.

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