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Some will come down in India and some in China.  Some of it will go all round the world and fall on us too - no-one will escape.  In people's lives, there are only islands of happiness.

- from Phragma by David Dennis.


                with islands in mind islands in mind



an Earlyworks Press Fiction Anthology

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His boots - Alexandra Fox

The rumour of the Knife - Jenny Adams

Phase Two Secnatio - Elizabeth Sarkany

The Birthday Party - Rachel Moses

The Memory Archivist - Jude Higgins

No Satellite Signal - Neil Valentine

Under the Porticos of Solomon - Norman Blake

Invisible Persuasion - Pam Eaves

From the White City - Filipa Kaori

Maria - Eddie Gubbins

Do Unto Others - Clive Gilson

Caring - Enid Meredith

The Town - Anne O Dea

Absolutely - Lynne Voyce

sky fills her skin - Martin Ungless

The Crisp New Twenty - J M Thomas

The Letter - John Hinge

The Long Run - Guy Ware

Shadows in the Spring - Laura Dippie

Fairway - Cathy Whitfield

Coping Strategies - Judy Walker

The Closest Thing - Teresa Stenson

Literacy Hour - Bella Govan

Pete Bog - Rosemary Pope

filling his mouth and... - Steve Mann

Conkers - Richard Layton

Double Standards - Manus McDaid

A Ring Cycle - Carey Barlow

Hindsight - Emma Melville

An Open and Shut Case - Sarah J Bryson

Pretty Words - Judi Moore

A House Officer's Diary - Dr Emma Morgan

The Pin Man - Brenda Ray

The Island - Claire Follett

Back Cover Illustration by Catherine Edmunds

Cover Art 2006 Catherine Edmunds

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