When you enter an Earlyworks Press competition, you send us your contact details. Name and email are essential – you may also wish to include alternative contact details, such as a postal address. We undertake to keep those details safely, and not to share them with anyone or to store them where others have access.

Contact details

We hold entrants' names so that we can list entrants separately from entries, because our judging is done anonymously. We need an email address (or another means of contact if an entrant doesn't have email) so we can contact entrants if we have a query about their entry or if their entry is shortlisted.

When the competition results have been announced, we contact the shortlisted authors, and anyone who has sent an SAE to receive results and, if we need to be in touch with individuals for competition administration purposes after that point, we will adapt and renew our agreement with them concerning their data.

Publishing agreements

At the end of a competition cycle, which is when the competition anthology is complete and ready for press (and within one year of the competition closing date) new agreements will have been entered into with the authors we are publishing. Contact details of all other authors will be deleted from the system.

Viewing your details

In the meantime, if you wish to have sight of the details we are holding, please email us. We will delete the information held on you at any time if you instruct us to do so.

Using your details

We won't use personal details sent to us by competition entrants for any other purpose than competition administration, unless, as sometimes happens, an entrant specifically asks, along with their entry, for any other actions (for example, club registration or book orders).